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Microsoft SharePoint as name says "SHARE-POINT", It is a place where everyone can point and share data or a platform where user can Collaborate, share Data and people can customized platform as per requirement. In short SharePoint helps people to connect and exchange information in a collaborative manner. It centralizes all information for efficient functioning. In short Share-Point is cental enterprise information portal.

Let understand this using a simple example, we will take up organization, An organization which has CEO, Accountant, Back-Office and End Customer.

Suppose if CEO request for any account information then he/she get touch base with accountant for information and in return accountant lets say shares information via google drive. If CEO request for customer information then he/she will get touch base with back-office team for customer data and in-return back-office team lets say shares information with CEO via email shares customer data. Now coming to end-customer if end-customer wants to connect to organization lets say there is an intranet/website medium to communicate with an organization visa-versa same for organization to communicate with end-customer.

Now in this whole process if you read carefully there is an dependancy of communication. Means accountant have organization account details, back-office team have customer information and all this data shares via different medium channel. As a result collaboration between an entities becomes complex. So to resolve this kind of issue "Share-Point" comes into picture.

If we centralize data on a same server our above example problem will be solved. So if we have centralized SharePoint Server then CEO, Back-Office team, accountant and end-customer will use same server and same point of sharing data. So we have achieved by keeping centralized SharePoint Server is centralized point, same protocol / medium of sharing data . This will increase collaboration between entities and an information will be shared in a collaborative manner.

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