How to get access to Sharepoint easily via Office 365 ?

One of the biggest issues with learning SharePoint is getting access to the software. SharePoint software is a huge beast which demands lots of memory. So getting SharePoint software, getting a 16 GB ram machine, installing pre-requisite etc is bit difficult. That’s where office 365 is a great way to get access to SharePoint and start learning it ASAP.

So to get access to SharePoint via office 365 ,google "office 365 trial" as shown in the below image and click on the Microsoft portal to register yourself.

Fill in the details, you will also need to provide your mobile number where they send confirmation codes.

Once you are done you get a mail with all details and you can login in to the SharePoint portal as shown in the below figure. To access sharepoint click on the "Admin center" icon as shown in the below figure.

Once you are inside the admin centre , you should see sharepoint as shown in the below image.

Once you click on sharepoint you should see the sharepoint site as shown below. The below screen concludes that you have access to sharepoint and you are ready to learn sharepoint.

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