Understand SharePoint Step by Step using example Part 1 ?

Welcome friends in sharepaoint learn series with shivprasad koirala. This article is the part 1 i.e. 1 hour of training for step by step learn series in 8 hours. So total there will be 8 parts of article covering complete sharepoint step by step.

What is SharePoint

SharePoint as name says, a central POINT from where can SHARE information and collaborate. Microsoft has launched SharePoint as a web-application that enables organizations to work more professionally in a centralized manner by enabling users share data, information. To get more answers or to know more about sharepoint for a kick start I would recommend you to watch our "Learn SharePoint Video".

SharePoint comes into the picture to collaborate information. For example let's take up an organization with dept like HR, Sales, Accounts and end customer. All there dept have their own data in different formats to share with each. For example if a end-customer wants to interact with an oraganization then he/she will use organization live website / intranet to communicate. Same way internally HR dept will interact with Accounts via mail or excel. So if you see there is no efficient platform of sharing data and reduces the progress of work. Work becomes very slow. So SHAREPOINT comes into picture to collaborate date efficiently to increase the performance of company by sharing data and to protect data properly.

SharePoint - Office 365 Exchange and On Premise Exchange

Microsft has brought sharepoint in two parts "Office 365 and On Premise" Exchange.

On Premise Exchange Sharepoint means that sharepoint will be installed in an organization server which is fully controlled by an internal IT department.

Office 365 Exhange Sharepoint means cloud based sharepoint. It is like getting SharePoint service monthly basis or yearly basis by paying small premiums. It is almost similar like taking website hosting server space. Office 365 will be cloud based SharePoint.

Due to the popularity of online cloud system in IT dept. There are many advantages to moving to Office 365 exchange online which will reduce internal resouces, back-up facility, security and lowering overhead costs etc.

So lets go ahead in learn sharepoint series.

SharePoint Access

Office 365 exchange is a great way to get access to SharePoint very easily and securely. No headche os install 16 GB huge software which demands lots of memory. Just go and get SharePoint via Office 365. Office 365 cloud based system designed by Microsoft which applies updates regularly. So if you see no need to upgrade or fix bugs all that taken care of by Microsoft. It has got gobal network of data-centers.

To get an Office 365 trial version just go to Google type keyword "Office 365 Trial" or "Office 365 Free Trial". Find URL called http://portal.microsoftonline.com just click up there. Fill up some mandatory details as requested. (Note : Provide proper Email and Mobile number).

Once you are done, you will get a mail with all details and you can login to the SharePoint portal as shown in the below figure. To access SharePoint, click on the “Admin center” icon as shown in the below figure.

Go inside the admin panel of Sharepoint.

Add users on Sharepoint Portal Office 365

As we discussed earlier that sharepoint web portal able to accessable for users from different depts to connect, share information from a centralized system. So in order to do we have to create users. To create users just go to left panel of Office 365 admin portal and find Users link -> Just click on that and create as many users. Please fill appropriate details along with custom password. It is almost similar feature like Google apps for Business mail in the http://console.google.com.

Sharepoint Site Collection and Subsites

SharePoint Site Collection as names implies it is a collections of sharepoint sub-sites. Each site-collections contains single top level website / main website and below number of subsites.

SharePoint Subsites the final node of website, Group of no-of-subsites makes Site-Collections eg Marketing, IT, HR, Products etc.

Small organization can create subsites to maintain easily.

Site Collection is necessary when have big organization with multiple business unit or organization have lots of business content.

Website: This is the top level of the portal. All subsites come below

Create SharePoint Site Collection

Before you do this step I request you to fill up all necessary details required for website and create some users.

Now in-order to create site-collection just go to your sharepoint-portal left panel click on site-collections -> On right side click on New -> Private Site-Collection as shown below image.

You need to fill Title, Website Address, select Language, Template, Time-Zone, Administrator, Server usage quota.

Title : Title of Site-Collection

Web Address: Any nice name like "MyCompany" so your site-collection url will be http://mestro.SharePoint.com/sites/MyCompany.

Language : Select (Depending on your country's default language).

Template: Every portal we create has a specific nature of communication. For example, a WIKI also helps to collaborate and share information but multiple people can edit a specific information. Blog is one more nature of portal where people share information in the form of blogs and other people can read it. For this tutorial, we will select “Developer” site because we are going to customize it.

Time Zone : Country's time zone

Administrator : Select an admin from list of users added.

Server Quota : Amount of memory allocated to a site-collection.

Finally click on OK button to create your first site collection.

If you land up in about permission page you can fix it by adding administrator as shown below image.

Edit SharePoint Site

After successfully creating of site-collections its time to edit site now. You can also do more like Build an app, Developer site, Publish to office store.

If you see as per designer point of view to this "MyCompany" page we have Top Menu, Left Menu and Content Part. You can visualize the master page concept from the below image

In order to edit this go -> right side top -> click on settings as shown below.

For this example we dont need that so we will delete unnecessary sections from the MyCompany home page as shown below.

In the middle section you can add nice content example "My First Site Collection" or "Hello Company".

Edit SharePoint Site Left Side Links

In order to edit left links go to your left side panel of "Site Collection Page" and edit or delete link as per required. Check out below image

Once done editing of links dont forget to save it.

Adding Page / About us to Site

Let us add a simple "About Us" page or any page to our site. Again, go on "Settings" and click "Add Page" menu

Note : When you are confused where to find a particular feature, go to "Site settings". That section has links of all SharePoint features

Enter some content for this page and click on save as shown in the below figure.

Once that page is created successfully. Add that page to left side of navigation for visibility. Finally save it

So hey friends, hope you have enjoyed Part 1 of understanding sharepoint step by step. Feel free to drop us mail for any query regarding part 1. If you want to know more kindly go and watch our sharepoint tutorial videos. Thank you

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