Understand SharePoint Step by Step - Part 2 ?

Welcome friends, welcome to another 1 hour session to understand sharepoint step by step part 2 using example with me (Shivprasad Koirala). If you landed on this page directly or if you have not read my part 1 article then requesting you to my read part 1 article of sharepoint. because this article is continuation of part 1 article.

Topics we cover in this article session

  • Creating Subsite
  • Add Holiday list to home page
  • Add company policy document library
  • Add groups and permissions
  • Know about List, document library, permission levels, SharePoint apps and stop inherit permissions.

So now lets go ahead and start our session. If you guys have any doubts or if you are new to sharepoint then requesting you to watch our "Sharepoint Videos". You can call us on +91-9967590707 / mail-us questpond@questpond.com

Create Subsite

If you are missed about subsite - Let me explain you again Subsite is a site that lives underneath another site. Subsite is a container of objects that includes document libraries, list and no of pages.

Here in this article for an example we will create two-subsites "HR department" and "Accounts". In order to do that click on the settings icon -> Site Content Menu -> Click on New Subsite enter all details like Title, Description, Web-Site address, Template selection, Language (Note : To know more about this details request you to see part 1). Image representation also shown below.

Output of a subsite is shown below

Now from "HR dept" we would want users to navigte to home page. So to do that we will put the link.

Click on edit a link, enter link name as home and url address as shown in the below image.

We can now see the home link on the HR subsite which can navigate back to the main home page

For "Accounts" subsite lets follow the same steps as we did it for "HR dept"

What is Sharepoint App and Sharepoint List

Before we understand sharepoint app. Lets first understand why "Sharepoint Apps". This is because world's technology is growing day-byday. People are moving from desktops->Laptops->Notebook>Tablets->Smartphones. This will help user for installing, updating and uninstalling of apps without affecting sharepoint site. This will help user to use it in Smartphone and tablet devices easily. Finally taking sharepoint to a next level.

SharePoint App is a stand-alone, self-contained piece of functionality or program which leverages SharePoint features. The best example of a sharepoint app is List.

A list in SharePoint is used to store information in a spreadsheet format i.e. rows and columns format. We can think of a list as a table in DB which will have rows and columns. It helps to store pretty much anything like customer addresses, mobile number, website links, software errors etc.

So let us go ahead and add list of holidays on the company home page.

Add Holidays - Sharepoint List

To add-list we need to go to home page -> click on settings -> click on add app and click on custom list. check the image below

Give any nice name here we will give "Holidays" and create it.

Now as you can see we have successfully created a sharepoint list called "Holidays". Now we need to add list items i.e. Holiday-name and holiday-date.

Before we add up list columns we will first rename our column to "Holiday names". So to do this just right click on column and rename column as shown in below image.

Now click on that (+) sign and select column type as date and time as shown in below image.

After this above step, we are done of creating list now lets stop editing column by clicking on "STOP" link

If you see we have successfully created the "Holiday List" column with a column type "Date & Time", we now be able to see the list functioning. Next step to add a new item click on new item i.e. Holiday name with date time

As we selected the column-type as date and time. Sharepoint smartly understood and automatically pops-up the calender as shwon below image. Now we add up a holiday-name = "Christmas" date and time ="25th dec 2016".

Copy the link and add the link on the left menu of the main site.

So now we have a more good looking home page where we have contact us and list of holidays for the organization.

What is SharePoint Document Library

SharePoint Document Library is a place where you can edit / create / update / delete files. If you cannot access the document library, you have to obtain access from the administrator of the site. List is just an information but document library is one step more wherein end-user can access / edit / upload word, excel files and share documents.

Here in our example of "HR-dept" we will go and add document-library to "Hr-dept".

Adding company policies to HR-dept SubSite

Navigate to your home page -> Click on settings -> Add an app -> click on document icon -> rename a document library

Once the document library is added you can now upload document of any format in to the document library.

User, User Group and Permissions

As you see we have now main page and two subsite "HR-dept" and "Accounts" respectively. Now we need to add users i.e user 1 and user 2 and we would like to implement the following security things.

  • "user1" and "user2" have read only access to the main site.
  • "user1" has an exclusive access to HR-dept site and has the rights to modify and edit the HR-dept subsite. He has no access to accounts site.
  • "user2" has an exclusive access to accounts site and he has rights to modify and edit the Account subsite. He has no access to HR-dept site.

So lets create two users "user 1" and "user 2" - Fill the necessary details

We done of creating users, Now first give both the users view only access to main site in order to do that go to main-home page -> click on site settings. In the setting page find -> users and permission

Now we will create a group which has read only access and add both the users to that group -> click on new group -> Give group name. as shown in below images

Now lets give permission to this group "HR-group"

Sharepoint for user-group have six types of permission i.e. Full Control, View only, Read, Edit, Contribute, Design

  • Full Control: -Includes all permissions.
  • View Only: - Includes permissions that enable users to view pages, list items, and documents.
  • Read: - Includes permissions that enable users to view items on the site pages.
  • Edit: - Includes permissions that enable users to add, edit and delete lists; can view, add, update and delete list items and documents.
  • Contribute: - Includes permissions that enable users to add or change items on the site pages or in lists and document libraries.
  • Design: -Includes permissions that enable users to view, add, update, delete, approve, and customize the layout of site pages.

For now we want “user1” and “user2” to have only read-only access so check only Read & View-only permission as shown in below image

After group is created "Hr-group". now add users to group

Sharepoint Stop inherit permissions

Permissions inheritance means permission of an element in a site collection are passed on to the subsite of that element. This way sites inherit the permissions.

So if in the main site collection we have assigned a user read only permission then that user has read only access in the subsite collection as well. But we want users to have full control of subsites so inorder to do this we need to apply stop inherit permissions to the subsite.

So now let us browse to the user permissions of HR website and click on “stop inheriting permissions” as shown in the below figure.

Now click on stop inheriting permissions.

You want that “user1” should have view only rights to the parent but to the HR subsite he should have admin edit , design and read access.

"user1" has full access to the HR-dept subsite. So select HR group, edit user permissions and select all permission for the HR group for this subsite.

Also we do not want "user1" to access the accounts subsite. So browse to the permission section of account subsite and select remove permission for the HR group.

If you want to re-confirm or re-check permission then click on "Check Permission" link

When you click on "Check Permission" link it will display all list of permission allocated for that current group or current subsite.

As you see giving rights ir permission to users in sharepoint is pretty simple. Hope you have understood, now repeat this whole process of user permission for "user 2" same way as we did it for "user 1".

Once done signout from admin and login as user 1 or user 2 to check permission and access to subsite "Hr-dept" or "Accounts".

Hope you have understood, Part 2 article of sharepoint step by step series in 8 hours. This means we have completed 2 hours of sharepoint series. In the coming session we will customizing master pages. Feel free to ping us anytime or mail us. If you are looking for handon sharepoint training do let us know. We provide both offline and online training. Finally dont forget to share this article with your friends & colleagues on social media.

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